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What Happens When Your Body Is On Sugar?

It’s in the papers almost every day. How bad sugar is and how much we should have in our daily diets. But what does it actually do to our bodies? A video published by the University of California explains what happens with glucose and the more dangerous fructose sugars with Kimber Stanhope explaining what is happening when we intake sugar.

To get these facts she gave two groups of volunteers two different diets; one group was fed pasta, bread or rice, while the other group was given a sugary beverage like Cola. In the video she explains what happens next within the video. First she looks at the effects of glucose which is found in pretty much in all the grains we eat. When glucose enters the body it slowly gets processed by the enzymes of the intestine but is then transferred to the liver through a vein known as the portal vein. When it reaches the liver, the liver will take the energy it needs from the glucose provided and no more. Once its collected the energy it needs it will the move on to another area of the body which needs glucose.

Fructose is very different. First it is processed in the intestines and then moved onto the liver much like glucose. However the liver will take more fructose than it needs even if it’s energy levels are high. Because of this fructose is not passed around the body but is instead stored as fat. This then starts a vicious cycle, contributing to all the diseases we know to make up metabolic syndrome.

The fat from the liver will often be transferred to the blood causing higher cholesterol and triglyceride’s; this means an increased likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease. The liver fat also affects the way insulin works making the body more inclined to develop diabetes. When the insulin is not working correctly it leads to more fat in the liver.

To stop this vicious cycle from starting in the first place cut down on the beverages and foods high in fructose and save them for special occasions and not part of your day to day diet.