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How to get into Medical School Part 3 UKCAT & Work Experience

This is How to get into Medical School Part 3 UKCAT & Work Experience. For part 1 of this guide please click – How

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to get into Medical School Part 1



Is that enough Acronyms for you? Bit confused? Well you need to re-read step 2 (How to get into Medical School Part 2- Click here) because if you don’t know what these stand for yet then you really haven’t done your research. Depending on the medical school you are applying for will depend on what test you need to do. Don’t waste your time doing the wrong test and make sure you know what test suits you. Each test has it’s own style and the universities that you choose to apply to should also reflect your choice in which test you think you will score highest in.


\’Choosing a UKCAT University.

If the medical school that you are choosing is a UKCAT university then you may be in luck! Check out The Top 10 UKCAT Tips (Click here). The UKCAT is the most widely used as part of the selection process and therefore the one with the most available help!


So you know which entrance exam you need to prepare for, what next?

Well, as mentioned in part 2, you need to get clinical experience. This is vital for most medical school applications but will also help for you to get a better understanding on the real side of medicine. This can give you a real ‘leg up’ on most applications and will also help you should your selected medical school hold interviews as part of the selection process. Try to arrange as broad an experience as possible. A shadow shift with your dad’s friend is great but if you can also get in some volunteer work for St Johns Ambulance or actual work in a hospital, you will be able to stand head and shoulders above the competition.


So now that you have read How to get into Medical School Part 3 UKCAT & Work Experience, prepare for part 4, How to get into medical school part 4, click here! Make sure to like us on Facebook,follow us on twitter or +1 us on Google to keep up to date with all the latest help advice and general great stuff from Medinc.

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Easiest UK medical school to get into is:

Easiest UK Medical School

So you are here for 1 of 2 reasons, either you are looking to go to medical school and are just not sure where to apply and want to maximise your chances. Maybe you just couldn’t resist knowing what the easiest UK medical school to get into is! Please note we are using data from the 2016 academic year applications.

That Simple!

Is it as simple as the easiest and the hardest? Well that is really for you to decide and also will depend on the individual. Each university has its own set of requirements and takes students of different styles. You will often for example find that each university will often churn out a lot of doctors who end up doing the same speciality. This is because that university attracts and likes the personality type that makes good doctors of that speciality.

Cambridge is the easiest UK Medical school to get into!

When you look at likelihood of getting into medical school Cambridge and UCL are the 2 easiest UK medical schools. I say that because for every place in those medical schools there is only 6 applicants. That compared to an average of 9 (8.8 to be precise) across all medical schools.

Brighton and Sussex is the Hardest UK Medical school to get into!

If you are looking at who would not be the easiest UK medical school then go to the south coast. The most over subscribed medical school, Brighton and Sussex had a whopping 14.3 applicants for each place. The prestigious University of Bristol Medical School came in second with a ridiculous 13.9 applications for each place. These 2 medical schools by far beat the next closest medical school was Aberdeen with a hefty 10.9 applications.

And that is only UK/EEA applicants!

When you consider that is only the UK and EEA applicants. There was over 38,000 UK applicants applying for UK medical schools with a further 8,000 applicants from within the EEA (European Economic Area). On top of this there is then a further 11,000 international students.

For international students the hardest medical school by far is University of Bristol Medical School, with a scary 37.4 applicants for each place. In contrast Aberdeen while very over subscribed for UK/EEA applicants, has a very easy 2 applicants for each place making it the easiest uk medical school for international students.

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Daily Mail anger time!

After that last paragraph your blood may be boiling, you may be thinking those places should be going to British students and not out to international students. Maybe you are thinking of contacting your favourite newspaper the Daily Mail and make them aware of this travesty! Before you do, please just consider this: Medical school is VERY expensive to run. Even with the current £9k a year that students pay it doesn’t even scratch the surface of the actual cost of training these doctors. International students therefore pay massive fee’s to study at these universities. This means the university is then able to use those funds to make more places available for UK students.

So international students = more UK students?

Yes, that is right. If we blocked international students from coming to our universities then we would actually end up with less places in UK Medical Schools. If anything we should expand the number of international spaces available. That would also allow us to train more UK students.

So how can I get into medical school?

If you are looking to get into medical school then we have a number of resources that are helpful.

  1. Check out our articles on how to get into medical school
  2. Online courses:
    1. A course in anatomy, Not strictly for the application itself but the extra knowledge would be beneficial. This course will help you with anatomy during your studies. Anatomy at medical school course.
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Getting ready for Med School

Have you just got into Medical School? Planning to move to a new city for a new adventure as you start one of toughest courses in the world? There is a lot to think about during this busy and chaotic time but don’t worry. We are here with a helpful list of what you need to take with you!



Firstly Congratulations! You have beaten thousands of other applicants to get your place. I wish I could say the hard part is done but then you wouldn’t be happy. As a medical student you probably have an ‘A’ type personality and as much as you may think you would like an easy life, you would be bored!


Get ready for the hard slog

So, over the next 4, 5 or more years you should be ready to work hard and party hard. Medics are renowned for being the life and soul of the party (everyone loves a medic) while also being the ones who are sat up at 3am on a week day studying for that big exam next week. In the first year of University you will most likely be staying in ‘Halls’. This article is based around the things you will need to survive the first 4 weeks.


Where am I?

So you are moving to a new place that you don’t know, the first few weeks are going to be lost to you as you find the 3 most important locations, the uni, the pub and the supermarket (to buy cheaper alcohol before you go to the pub). To find your nearest pub then visit The Pub Finder.


Important Points:

  1. Remember to pack light. You will be moving into a small room until June and then moving out again. Try to limit yourself to a maximum of 2 boxes, 2 suitcases and your bedding.
  2. Check your room contents. Each uni has a different room set up. You may have a shared kitchen that may have a kettle and some cookware. You should also check the amount of storage space as point 1 may mean you should reduce your requirements.

So what do I need?

In General:


ID – This could be your passport or driving licence (if you have one). You can have other types of ID but these are the most widely accepted. It is really useful to have both as often you will need photo ID AND proof of address. Finding an acceptable proof of address document is a pain in the back side if you can’t use your driving licence.

University Documents – This will be anything regarding university that has any personal information on it and can include your acceptance letter, accommodation information, course details and admission letter.

Bank details – You will be using you bank a lot during this time. Your debit card and also your bank information is vital. You may also have a cheque book, if you have it then bring it with you. Most shops do not accept cheques however often they are very useful for club memberships and the like.

Passport Photos – You may need these for ID cards or applications. This can often be left until you need them at Uni but if you have any left from your driving licence and/or passport, then bring them along.


For your Room:


Well the most important stuff you probably already have, but you may want to refresh slightly. For example if you still have your Transformers duvet cover, you may want to change it! Maybe consider something like this Periodic Table Science Duvet. Of course you may want new PillowsDuvet and Bed sheets. Finally consider a mattress protector! You will be drinking a lot during your time at university. Even the best of us can end up having a bit more than they realise. I am sure I don’t need to go any further than that…


PC – At the very least you should have a laptop. Desktop computers are great, but they are not portable. You can’t take your desktop to lectures! The next hard choice is what laptop to get! If you are looking for a low cost, light and portable laptop then consider this Notebook PC. If your budget is a bit more flexible and quality is more your requirement then consider the apple MacBook Air.

TV – Very few could survive university without being able to just tune out and watch some TV. You may just watch catch up tv on your laptop. But if not then this 20″ TV for under £100 is small and cost effective. If you are feeling really lazy you may want to also consider getting an Voice Remote Amazon Fire Stick!

Games Console – Games consoles are great for relaxing but can also be an awesome addition to your pre going out drinks! Check out these Games Consoles.

Alarm Clock & Music – When you have been studying until 3am and you don’t have your mum to come in and give you a kick to wake you up anymore, then an alarm clock that can also double as a sound system is vital!

Extension Leads! – Never underestimate the number of plug sockets you will need. Not only this but know they will never be where you need them. So grab at least 1 extension cable (with surge protection).

Desk Lamp – You are going to spend a lot of time sat studying. You really shouldn’t do this sat on your bed. Your room should have a desk already in it and some may even come with a desk lamp, however if you don’t have one then check out this awesome Chemical Jar Lamp. Or really Geek up your room with a Medical Supplies Neon Sign.

Printer – Although not vital these can be very useful for printing out your notes, graphs, images to plaster around the walls of your room when cramming for the big exam.


For Studying

Pens – You are going to need to make old fashioned notes on actual paper. It’s not always possible to have your laptop in either clinical or lab environments. The pen is mightier than the sword, so your next option is your weapon of choice. Do you want a high quality re-fillable pen, a huge selection of Bic pens or if you would like to really be different then check out our syringe pens.

Notes – You will need to make a lot of notes that will be vital for revision over the next couple of years. There are a lot of things you will need including: Note Pads, refill pads, folders, dividers and sticky notes. If you would like to be totally unique, then you could consider the Science notebooks and the plaster sticky notes.

Bag – Carrying around all your really heavy text books, your notes and your laptop is no easy task. You will need a big strong bag. Your laptop will hold your vital assignments and therefore you need to keep it protected. Some people will get a separate bag just for their laptop. You need to make sure at the very least your laptop is not in the same compartment and is protected from any liquids that you put in your bag. Apple care doesn’t cover you for spilling your drink on your laptop!


Personal items

Skin care products – Do you normally use Gatineau? There are some great deals here.