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How to get into Medical School Part 1

What is How to get into Medical School Part 1?

So you have decided you want to go to medical school? How much research have you done? How prepared are you? How committed are you? Well the How to get into Medical School Part 1 Guide is a great place to start.

You need to be committed!

The first thing you need to know about becoming a medic is you need to be 100% committed. Firstly to get into medical school, then to get through medical school and finally to survive one of the most stressful jobs in the world. There is a reason the medical profession has one of the highest suicide rates of any profession in the world.

You need to start young!

Your first ‘choice’ on the road to becoming a medic is when you choose your A Levels. For some of you this has already passed, if that is the case, there are other options that will be covered in another article. For the rest of you, take a look at different medical school entry requirements. You will need at least 3 A levels, to stand the best chance you should have Biology, Chemistry and either Maths or Physics. All of these need to be A or A*. Each university has different requirements so make sure you check out the universities you are interested in before choosing your A levels. Too many people have chosen their A levels and then at the end of year one looked and found they cannot apply to the university they want to go to.

Medicine is a Science Degree

Even if the medical school that you want to go to doesn’t need all 3 to be Sciences and Maths. It is probably better to take them regardless because you will need to know it all when you get into medical school. The first 2-3 years is very science and classroom heavy. If you don’t have a strong understanding of the sciences then you will struggle.

And that ends How to get into Medical School Part 1. Click the link to go to How to get into Medical School Part 2 .

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