Our selection of fun jewellery is guaranteed to catch peoples attention and make great conversation pieces. Each item comes in a smart black jewellery box.

From Left to Right: DNA Necklace, DNA Earings, Acetylcholine Necklace, Dopamine Necklace and Serotonin Necklace

DNA NecklaceAcetylcholine Chemical Symbol Necklace

Dopamine Chemical Element NecklaceSerotonin Chemical Symbol Necklace

Science Necklace RRP £14.99

DNA Necklace

Acetylcholine Necklace

Dopamine Necklace

Serotonin Necklace



DNA Earrings

DNA Earrings RRP  £19.99



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Cufflinks RRP  £19.99

‘Trust Me I’m A Doctor’ Cufflinks

Stethoscope Cufflinks