Syringe Pen, Single Pen, Available in 8 Different Colours with Black Ink

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  • Single Syringe Shaped Pen
  • Choice of 8 Different Colours
  • Pink, Orange, Red, Clear, Yellow, Purple, Green and Blue
  • All Pens Write in BLACK INK, Pens Do Not Write in the Colour of the Barrel.
  • Want all 8 Syringe Pens? (Click Here)
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Syringe Pen

The Medinc Syringe Pen comes in a choice of 8 different colours. All pens write in Black ink. Please note syringe pens do not write in the colour of the barrel. They write in Black ink only. This is because medical professionals in the UK are required to write in Black ink.

If you normally have problems with holding onto your pen then you need this syringe pen. It is almost impossible for someone to hide when they steal the syringe pen. You should also be aware that some people are more likely to attempt to run away with your pen. It is therefore recommended that you keep an eye on your syringe pen at all times.


What will you receive?

1 x Syringe Pen in the colour requested. Choice of Red, Yellow, Clear, Purple, Green, Blue, Pink or Orange.



The Syringe Pen is not a medical device and should not be used in emergency situations. It is strongly recommended that you do not attempt to ‘inject’ yourself with the Syringe Pen as it may cause injury. Please also be aware that using the Syringe Pen in public may cause distress. Some people find it hard to differentiate between an actual syringe and this syringe pen. It is therefore recommended that you explain the syringe pen to those around you before using it. Those of a sensitive nature can be offended by this item, please be considerate of their feelings.


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Red, Clear, Yellow, Purple, Green, Blue, Pink, Orange

1 review for Syringe Pen, Single Pen, Available in 8 Different Colours with Black Ink

  1. madwitch09 (verified owner)

    Exceptional pen.

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