Stethoscope Cufflinks


  • Provided in a black jewellery box.
  • Cufflinks are made from a white metal.
  • Stethoscope shape
  • T-Bar fixture.
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Stethoscope Cufflinks

Do you know a doctor that likes to wear their stethoscope around? Do you find they like to drop it into conversations? Most doctors want to show off the fact that they are a doctor. Most medical students like people to know they are going to be a doctor. The only person more likely to tell you as a very proud mum. If you are looking for a gift for the Doctor that has everything. Or maybe you know someone who has just graduated from medical school? The Stethoscope cufflinks are the ideal gift.

The Stethoscope cufflinks come in a black jewellery box. You will receive 1 pair off stethoscope cufflinks.

If you know someone who has just graduated from medical school then they will love these stethoscope cufflinks. Great to show off at some of the many events they will be invited to after graduation.

What you will receive:

1 x Black jewellery box containing a pair of stethoscope Cufflinks.

About the product:

These stethoscope cufflinks are made from a white metal. Made with a T-Bar fixture allowing easy slip on and off.


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