Stethoscope Clock in Black

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  • The stethoscope clock attaches to stethoscopes by easy open and close mechanism
  • Clear digital clock with time and date
  • Silent clock appropriate for a clinical setting
  • Seconds counter for pulse and respiration rate recording
  • Fits all stethoscopes without sliding
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Stethoscope Clock in Black


As a medical professional you are required to be bare below the elbow when working in a clinical setting. This often means that doctors or nurses are unable to wear a watch. This can be problematic when you need to document the time you completed a medical task. Or when you need to manually complete a blood pressure or pulse test. Many doctors or nurses currently use fob watches. Those particularly unprofessional use a mobile phone. The Stethoscope clock is here for those that do not want a fob watch or would like to look more professional. It is also there for the junior doctor who loves to walk around with their stethoscope around their neck. Show your stethoscope off even more by checking the time with it!

The specially designed clip holds tight to your stethoscope to prevent it sliding but without infringing on the integrity of the stethoscope. As default the clock displays the time however press the button and it skips to the date, once more and its counting seconds.

Fits all sizes of stethoscope including the very popular Littmann stethoscopes. We don’t sell stethoscopes ourselves. They are widely available from many high street retailers.


What you will receive

1 x Blister pack containing the stethoscope clock and instructions.


Features include

  • Clear digital clock with seconds, time and date.
  • Currently available in black.
  • Silent clock appropriate for a clinical setting.
  • Seconds counter for pulse and respiration rate recording.
  • Attaches to stethoscopes by easy open and close mechanism.
  • Fits all stethoscopes without sliding.
  • Can easily be removed for cleaning.
  • The Stethoscope Clock is the ideal solution.

# MedInc® is a registered trademark in the UK, and offers a one year warranty on all products.


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1 review for Stethoscope Clock in Black

  1. Marco M

    Unique and really useful product. It is a clock to attach to your stethoscope, useful both to know time and date and to count the seconds during measurements (eg. heart rate, respiration rate) without the need to wear a wristwatch. It is made up of 2 portions, a superior one with the display, a lower one that is hooked to the upper one and, if desired, it can be personalized with a sticker with your name. Just separate the 2 portions to mount the clock around the tube of your stethoscope (it fits perfectly with my Littmann Classic II stethoscope). A button lets you choose whether to display the time (hours and minutes), the date or the seconds. Inside the package there are, in addition to this useful clock, also the sticker to be affixed to the clock and a foam tape to adapt the clock to the diameter of the tube of the stethoscope.

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