Medical Pen Set


  • Contains 2 Syringe pens – both write in Black ink
  • 2 sticky notepads designed like plasters, each containing 20 sheets
  • Plaster sticky notes have special adhesive that allows the note to be stuck to items/pages
  • Syringe pens available in: Clear, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Pink and Orange
  • Please request colours if it is important


Medical Pen Set

Designed as a quirky gift for a medical or nursing student the Medical Pen Set combines 2 of our most popular products. The syringe shaped pen and the plaster designed sticky notes. As with all our medical pens, the syringe pens write in black ink. The plaster sticky notes are 20mm x 70mm in size. This makes them the perfect size for keeping tabs in your text books or for leaving small notes. 

If you are considering a gift for a nurse. Maybe you are thinking of getting a stocking filler for your son/daughter who is going to medical school. Or do you know a paramedic? Then this would be the perfect gift. At £4.99 it is just the level of affordable, thoughtful and quality.


What you will receive

1 x Medical pen set which includes:

  • 2 Syringe Pens with Black ink
  • 2 Pads of plaster sticky notes, 20mm x 70mm. Each pad contains approx 20 sheets.



The Medical Pet Set is not a medical device and should not be used in emergency situations. It is strongly recommended that you do not attempt to ‘inject’ yourself with the medical pen set as it may cause injury. Please also be aware that using the medical pen set in public may cause distress. Some people find it hard to differentiate between an actual syringe and this pen. It is therefore recommended that you explain the pen to those around you before using it. Those of a sensitive nature can be offended by this item, please be considerate of their feelings.


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