Foot X-Ray Glass Coaster


  • Skull X-Ray Coaster.
  • Part of the X-Ray Coaster range.
  • Wipe Clean Surface.
  • Rubber Feet to Protect the Surface.
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Foot X-Ray Glass Coaster.

The Foot X-Ray Glass Coaster is part of the X-Ray Coaster range. The range includes X-Ray images of the human skeletal system. Perfect housewarming gift for a medical or nursing student when they move away to study. Funny talking people when people put their drink on the coaster and then realise what it is.

The Foot X-Ray Glass Coaster also has a gothic side and is popular with those with a macabre sense of humour.

More about the Foot

The human foot is a highly complex structure that serves to bear the weight of the body as well as forces many times the weight of the human body during propulsion.

About 26 bones in the human foot provide structural support. They can be grouped into 3 parts, as follows

  • The tarsal bones (7)
  • The metatarsal bones (5)
  • The phalanges (14)

Apart from these main bones, the sesamoid bones help improve function and are often found as variants of the accessory bones.


What will you receive?

1 x Foot X-Ray Glass Coaster. With easy clear smooth glass surface and 4 rubber feet to protect your surfaces.


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