Charms for Scientists


  • 3 White Metal Charms Choice includes:
    • Microscope
    • DNA Strand
    • Chemical Flask
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Charms for Scientists

Are you struggling to buy a gift for the Scientists that has everything? The check out these Charms for Scientists. With a selection of different charms there is something for everyone!

What will you receive?

Depending on the item selected from the drop down menu. On the list are 3 different charms, a Microscope (about 2cm long) a DNA Strand (about 2.8cm long) and a Chemical Flask (about 2.5cm long).



The Charms for Scientists are not a Scientific device and should not be used in Science situations. Medinc strongly recommended that you do not attempt to perform Scientific experiments using this product. Medinc cannot be held responsible for any supervillain created while using this product. Medinc is not claiming that this item can give you superpowers but it is believed that an unnamed superhero may have worn this item before he had super powers. Medinc is sure this is purely a coincidence.


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Microscope, DNA, Chemical Flask, All 3


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