Bone Pens (Tibia, Spine, Phalanx and Femur)

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  • Length 15cm – 16.5cm
  • Choice of Tibia, Spine, Phalanx or Femur
  • All write in black ink


Bone Pens

The Human body is composed of 270 bones at birth. This decreases to 206 bones as you grow into an adult after some bones have fused together. The bone mass in the skeleton reaches maximum density around age 30. If you already knew all these facts then chances are you like bones! The Medinc bone pens are a based on a selection of bones from the human body. Each bone has been specially selected due to it being the perfect shape for a pen.

You can use the drop down menu to select each example of the bone pens that you would like to purchase. We have a choice of Tibia, Spine, Phalanx and Femur.

What will you receive?

You will receive 1 x whichever design of the bone pens that you selected. This is for 1 pen only.

Who might you buy the bone pen for?

Well we find it hard to think that there is anyone out there who would not love the femur bone pen! However we have found nursing and medical students love them. They have been given as gifts to Orthopedic doctors or specialists.


Please note these pens are not real size. They cannot replace a human bone. This product is not a medical product and should not be used in medical procedures. Anybody thinking of using this pen in a medical capacity should seek medical and phycological help.

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Additional information

Bone Types

Tibia, Phalanx, Spine, Femur

1 review for Bone Pens (Tibia, Spine, Phalanx and Femur)

  1. Marco M

    5 pens with the shape of 5 different human bones (phalanx of the hand, homerus, vertebral column, femur, tibia + fibula), all of these with black ink (the only color suitable for professional use). There is a transparent cap that protects the tip of the pen, the handle of the pen is comfortable and the writing is smooth and without smears of ink. It is a very nice gift for healthcare staff (eg. doctors, nurses), but also for anyone who loves fun gadgets.

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