Bone Pen with Black Ink in the Shape of a Femur Leg Bone


  • Writes in Black ink
  • Comes with Lanyard/Neck strap
  • Perfect gift for a doctor or nurse


Bone Pen

The femur is the large bone in your thigh. It is the longest and strongest bone in the human body. The head of the Femur articulates with the pelvic bone forming the hip joint. But for us it is just a really cool pen. The pen writes in black ink as required by all UK medical professionals. (and many more around the world). It comes with a useful neck strap. The neck strap helps to keep your pen accessible and stop people running away with it. You may think it is hard to keep a normal pen, you watch how many people try to steal you bone pen! However if you find yourself in a hostile environment and someone tries to steal the pen from you… Fear not because the neck strap of the bone pen will break and will stop you from being hurt.


What will you receive?

1 x Femur shaped bone pen that writes in black ink and has a lanyard / neck strap.


Who might you buy the bone pen for?

Well we find it hard to think that there is anyone out there who would not love the femur bone pen! However we have found nursing and medical students love them. They have been given as gifts to Orthopedic doctors or specialists.


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