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Is this the hangover treatment we have all been waiting for?

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Pedialyte’s ‘See The Lyte’ Campaign Reinvents Drink For Adult Use. Pedialyte’s new campaign uses popular drinking occasions, such as graduation season and St. Patrick’s Day, to promote its new product.

Pedialyte has made it clear that the upset stomach remedy you remember from childhood is all grown up. The product’s new “See the Lyte” campaign cleverly reflects its shift from nursing toddlers back from a bout of a stomach bug to nursing 20-somethings back from a weekend bender.

Vomiting, diarrhea, and general malaise are symptoms associated with both a stomach flu and a night of heavy drinking, so it would make sense that the recovery method would be similar. At least, that’s the idea an increasing number of young drinkers share. But what first began as an underground “quick fix” to the headache and grogginess caused by drinking too much soon became a nationwide trend. According to Abbott Laboratories, the creators of Pedialyte, sales have gone up nearly 60 percent since 2012, around a third of which came from adults.

“There’s an underground movement in social media to drive word of mouth,” explained Heather Mason, executive vice president at Abbott, as reported by National Monitor. “We saw increased use by adults.”

According to Mason, the drink’s new campaign is aimed to take advantage of the product’s potential for entering an adult market.

“We have high electrolyte and lower sugar content than common [hydration] beverages,” Mason said. “That combination caused us to say, ‘We need to be part of this.’”