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GP set to take down Jeremy Hunt in local election

The Takedown of Jeremy Hunt

You may already know GP Dr Louise Irvine from her successful high court battle with Mr Jeremy Hunt over the unlawful decision to make substantial cuts to services and close departments, including maternity, A&E and intensive care units in Lewisham hospital in 2012.


Losing streak

Mr Hunt came back for round 2 with an appeal in 2013 and lost.


Round 3

Well now Dr Irvine is coming back for another fight, this time to take Mr Hunts seat as an MP in South West Surrey! Dr Irvine is standing for the “National Health Action (NHA) party”. The GP has already received overwhelming support from 3 parties in the constituency.


Progressive Alliance

The Green party candidate has completely withdrawn from the race.

The Lib Dem and Labour candidates have both agreed not to campaign for the seat that Jeremy Hunt has held since 2005.

During a progressive forum, members of the 3 main parties along with the NHA selected the leader of the NHA (Dr Irvine) to stand against Mr Hunt in a bid to remove him.


Hunt Bashing

Do you hate Jeremy? Know someone who does? Then why not check out the Jeremy Hunt range: