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Guaranteed Acceptance to Medical School!

Guaranteed Acceptance to Medical School

If you are looking for guaranteed acceptance to medical school for free then you are in the right place. If you follow this guide carefully and use all the free resources mentioned then we Guarantee* you will be accepted into medical school. For full information on the Guarantee please check the * at the bottom of this article.

Starting Young

If you are 16 or under, now is the ideal time to start to prepare. If you are over 16 then you may have already made some of those important life choices. The most important part of getting in is your school/college/sixth form grades. You will need a selection of higher level science qualifications. Depending on the medical schools that you are applying for.

Click here for a list of entry requirements. This link is a pdf from the Medical Schools Council with a run down of the entry requirements for UK medical.

There is also a bit more information on this in How to get into medical school part 1.

Understanding yourself and finding the right fit

Many people do not understand how important this step is. There are so many potential doctors that did not receive a place at medical school because they applied to the wrong university for them. Understanding the type of doctors that a university trains and the type of people that apply to each university is one of the easiest ways you can increase your chances of getting in. There is no quick and easy way to find this out but check on groups like the The Student Room to understand if you would be the right fit. A bit more in depth information can be found in How to get into medical school part 2.

Preparing for the Test

Do you know the difference between UKCAT, BMAT, GAMSAT or HPAT? These are all very important to understand. Entrance tests are one of the most vital parts of getting into medical school. You can have 50 A* qualifications, but with a low score on one of these tests you won’t even be considered. And these tests are not tests that you can just sit and pass.

You will need to study hard and depending on the test on what you need to study. Depending on the university’s that you are applying to will depend on the tests you will need to sit. The only way to get guaranteed acceptance to medical school is to do your research. Read EVERYTHING you can online, there are so many resources available. Speak to EVERYONE you can who has been successful and take all the advice you can. A bit more in depth information click on How to get into Medical School Part 3.

The Application and The Interview

The final stumbling block for many is, in many ways, the hardest part. This is where you as a person are assessed. For this part you need to make sure that the university thinks that you will make a good doctor. You need to have made sure to have paid close attention to your choice of medical school here. Some medical schools make great Surgeons, others make great GP’s. These are 2 very different types of personalities and if you are not sure which speciality you are most like then you should ask other doctors.

Importantly this is NOT what speciality that you want to do. You could of course go to a ‘GP’ medical school and still become a surgeon. But you are far more likely to be accepted into a medical school that suits your personality, and that is far more important. A bit more in depth information click on How to get into Medical School Part 4.

Next Steps

Where to go from here? Well if you would like information on the Easiest UK Medical School then you should definitely click the link.

There is no charge for this information. We provide all our helpful hints and tips for free. If you found these articles helpful then maybe you can consider purchasing something from our shop, or like us on Facebook

*Guarantee is based on other successful candidates and cannot guarantee any individual. Medinc cannot guarantee acceptance to any medical school. There is no company that can guarantee access to a medical school. Applicants will be chosen on their merits and this article is designed to provide you with the best possible opportunity.

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Where is the best U.K. Medical School?

Where is the Best UK Medical School

Opinion piece, this has been written by a guest author and the opinion from this article may not represent those of Medinc.

Where is the best U.K. Medical School?

Studying to be a doctor or a medical practitioner is not easy. You will find that it needs you to commit for many years – learning a selection of skills, gaining a broad medical knowledge and improving your confidence of working during tense situations.

So you need the best medical school to go and study at, but which ones are the best? Which institutions give you the highest levels when it comes to education? Let’s look at some of those here and now.

University of Oxford

So there is no doubt that the University of Oxford is the best place possible for people who want to try and earn a first-class education. Oxford is the gold standard for anyone who wants to succeed, so it makes sense that the best education would be right there. And with 99% of all students having fantastic graduate prospects, it’s easy to see why people aim for the top. Click here for information on the University of Oxford.

University of Glasgow

If you’re not someone who wants to aim for the lofty goals of Oxford, then Glasgow might be a good second choice for you. This is in the top five universities in the country for people who want to study to be a medical professional. There’s a lot to offer people there, and like Oxford there is a 99% rate for graduate prospects. Take a look at the University of Glasgow’s website for more information.

Bart’s Medical School, London

The medical school in London which has such representation in television and fiction is actually a real place, and is somewhere that a lot of people go to get a proper medical education. It’s not quite as highly ranked as Oxford, but don’t be fooled – this is still a first class facility. The website of Barts is a good place to check out more info.

University of Exeter

The University of Exeter is a place which has often been one of the top places in the country for people to get a medical education. It’s easy for people to see exactly why there are a lot of benefits for people to claim. There is a very commendable education for people to collect here, and you also have good future prospects such as the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital. In fact, there is actually a 100% rate for graduate prospects here, which is admirable when you consider that the top Universities usually have a 99% rate. Exeter has a lot to offer as you can see from their website.

To summarise, these are some of the best U.K. medical schools, for you to go to. Being a medical student is tricky, which is why you should make sure you have a selection of tools and resources available – we can help with this! At the end of the day, you need to study in a place which works for you. There are many different providers of education, but only you can find the right one for your needs and requirements. Remember to search carefully, and visit as many places as you can, because it helps to give you a good idea of the reality. You should also stock up on medical supplies in advance too – opt for reliable tools of the trade where possible.

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The Worst UK Medical School 2019

Are you thinking about going to Medical School in the UK? Maybe you are an international student and you are considering where is the best place to study Medicine? Well the lists are out, the students have voted and here you can find the Medical Schools that may be better to avoid!

Can’t Get No . . . Satisfaction!

Lets start with Student satisfaction. We all know it is much easier to learn and perform at your best when you are in a university that supports you. Unfortunately it appears to be a fairly common occurrence that students will often have lectures cancelled at short notice. Normally this is when you arrive at the lecture hall. That is after they have travelled across the city to get to the lecture.

Students that struggle can often be told the reason they failed is simply because they did not study hard enough. With little support over and above that. If you struggle with a specific topic it is completely up to you to find the information that you need. This is of course all fairly standard in medical school.

So let’s take a look at how the UK medical schools compare when it comes to student satisfaction in 2019.

With a score of 3.47 out of 5, Kings College London received the lowest score for Student Satisfaction in 2019. This was closely followed by Nottingham with 3.61 and then Warwick with 3.63. Just above this was Cambridge with a score of 3.81.

These scores are compared with a number of factors and sources. Please be aware that these scores may also reflect the university as a whole and not just the medical school.

The Winner of the Worst Medical School of 2019 goes to:

The Guardian scored Kings Collage just 42.2 out of 100 in it’s overall score for medical schools in the UK. The only institution that was ranked lower was Warwick however it is showing as no course available which may mean the data is not comparable. Kings has very low satisfaction from students across the board but largely with feedback.

Not being considered:

Something that is not counted in the figures for universities that maybe should be is suicides. Medical students and Junior doctors have a very high suicide rate. Often these factors have very little to do with the universities themselves and maybe the only way to reduce this would mean creating students that were not able to learn on their own. However as the rates are so high it would be interesting to see if specific universities have considerably lower rates and if there is a reason for it.

Final Word

UK universities are some of the best in the world and UK medical schools are kept under quite a tight leash when it comes to the GMC. Therefore actually most of the medical schools are quite similar and while there may technically be a ‘worst’ medical school, there are many very happy students that would strongly recommend the medical school they went to.

If you would like further information then you can check out the Guardian article here with some of the information I have used for the above.

Or if you are considering which medical school to go to, make sure to check out this page on the student rooms which has Pro’s and Con’s of most UK medical schools.