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How to get into Medical School Part 4 Applications and Interviews

How to get into Medical School Part 4 Applications and Interviews is all about that final stage, applying and the selection process. If you would like to start from the beginning, click: How to get into Medical School Part 1

Get into Medical School - Write the Perfect Personal Statement
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UCAS and your Personal Statement

Now that you have chosen your universities this next stage should be a lot simpler. Firstly you can now just focus on what the four medical schools are looking for. If you have researched properly this should be similar across all four. It is best to study the selection criteria of all four medical schools. Make notes on what each med school is looking for and then make sure to cover all in your personal statement.

Make sure you are talking about medicine and that if someone picked up your personal statement it was clear that you want to be a doctor. On that same note remember this when you pick your 5th non medicine course, your personal statement is very medicine focused, so pick bio-med or something relevant. Your 5th choice is your final option so you don’t want to be rejected because your personal statement is completely wrong for the course. (i.e don’t pick Astronomy or Classics).


The Interview

For many this is one of the hardest parts. Medics are renown for being more intellectual than personal, but that doesn’t

Job Interviews for Dummies
Job Interviews for Dummies – Click the image to get the book

help with the interview. You really need to consider this as a job interview to become a Doctor. If you turn up wearing a mini skirt or shorts and T-shirt, you will not get a place (People really have turned up in ridiculous clothing!). It is always better to be over dressed than under dressed. Don’t feel stupid wearing a suit, if the other person in the waiting room is wearing flip flops I can assure you they won’t be joining you this year.

Like any job interview you need to do your research (Are you seeing a pattern here?). Understand the medical school, what kind of people go there, what they specialise in. This must be the medical school that is your first choice. Don’t be over confident or cocky and say how your first choice is another med school. If you wouldn’t do it at a job interview don’t do it here.

Finally (and I know I am repeating myself because it is very important) prepare for this like a job interview. You will find loads of information online for job interviews, how to do well at them, and it is also the kind of thing that you can practice with anyone, they don’t need medical knowledge. Have a think about your future career path, and be honest. I really like surgery because but I am concerned about this, I really like x and I am really fascinated about y. It shows you have done your research and understand the role. Try to think of good original answers, no-one want to sit through 50 applicants each saying “I just want to save lives…”


That concludes How to get into Medical School Part 4 Applications and Interviews

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How to get into Medical School Part 3 UKCAT & Work Experience

This is How to get into Medical School Part 3 UKCAT & Work Experience. For part 1 of this guide please click – How

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to get into Medical School Part 1



Is that enough Acronyms for you? Bit confused? Well you need to re-read step 2 (How to get into Medical School Part 2- Click here) because if you don’t know what these stand for yet then you really haven’t done your research. Depending on the medical school you are applying for will depend on what test you need to do. Don’t waste your time doing the wrong test and make sure you know what test suits you. Each test has it’s own style and the universities that you choose to apply to should also reflect your choice in which test you think you will score highest in.


\’Choosing a UKCAT University.

If the medical school that you are choosing is a UKCAT university then you may be in luck! Check out The Top 10 UKCAT Tips (Click here). The UKCAT is the most widely used as part of the selection process and therefore the one with the most available help!


So you know which entrance exam you need to prepare for, what next?

Well, as mentioned in part 2, you need to get clinical experience. This is vital for most medical school applications but will also help for you to get a better understanding on the real side of medicine. This can give you a real ‘leg up’ on most applications and will also help you should your selected medical school hold interviews as part of the selection process. Try to arrange as broad an experience as possible. A shadow shift with your dad’s friend is great but if you can also get in some volunteer work for St Johns Ambulance or actual work in a hospital, you will be able to stand head and shoulders above the competition.


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