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You Are Less Likely To “Catch a Yawn” If You Have Psychopathic Traits

According to a Baylor University psychology study people with psychopathic characteristics are less likely to be affected by “contagious yawning” than those who are empathetic. Yawning after spotting someone else yawn is associated with empathy and bonding, and “catching” yawns happens with many social mammals, among them humans, chimpanzees and dogs, researchers say. The study

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How Much Water Should You Be Drinking?

Water is necessary. It helps carry nutrients to your cells, flushes bacteria from your systems, prevens dehydration and replacing fluids lost from sweating, but you may not need to drink as much as you thought. The Harvard Health Letter published new water recommendations challenging the long-standing eight 8-ounce glasses-a-day rule, which they say weren’t based

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7 Health Benefits From Pomegranates

Pomegranates are a lot of trouble aren’t they? They have spiny skin, and if not sliced into just so, they make a mess and leave some of the seeds inside, which is the actual fruit part, cut and bruised; the surrounding white membrane is too bitter to eat. Pomegranate juice, too, easily stains hands and

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Compound Found In Red Wine Could Help Cancer Patients

Cancer may soon recruit help from a compound found in a normal bottle of red wine. Researchers from Oregon State University’s College of Pharmacy are exploring the nascent benefits of resveratrol and quercetin—two naturally occurring antioxidant compounds found in grapes, green tea, berries, dark chocolate, and red wine. The study, published in the Journal of

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